​​​​​Dover Community Center

The Dover Community Center Board Meets the second Wednesday of every month. Positions are voluntary and range from 3 to 6 years in term.  We have a strong tie to the Dover Community Center having family or ourselves attended this school when in operation, thus take great pride in working hard to preserve this building and keeping it viable part of our community.

Current Board Members are Ross Sage (President), Roger Sage, Kim Johnston, Rich Bassett, Lavella Buchmeier, Pam Tennison-Rindt and Travis Kraus.  In addition to the Board Members, Penny Atchison, who handles rental of the facility, regularly attends the meetings.

The Board welcomes input from the Community. If you are interested in providing input, you may contact us personally or leave a voicemail at the Dover Community Center phone at 785-256-6700.  You can also email us at p_tennison@hotmail.com, and we will get back to you.   

November 1, 2018 -  Trunk or Treat with the Hot Dog and Smore' Roast went very well!    We had approximately triple the number of participants we did last year and many people reported enjoying the bonfire and visiting with locals in the Dover, Mission Valley District, and surrounding communities.   I think its a tradition we'll continue as its good to see people sticking around so long and enjoying the "Community".   Total donations received were $222 - all provided to the Dover Community Center.  Expenses were approximately $75 and were donated by Ron and Pam Rindt.   

Who We Are -

  • INCREASE RENTALS - The cost to maintain such a large building is substantial.  Contributions and Donations are not sufficient to maintain the building. Currently rental of the building is not to its potential in  capacity or frequency -Therefore increasing rentals of the building is a primary goal.

  • REPLACE THE ROOF - There is some leaks in the roof that have been repaired in the past, but the entire roof is in need of replacing.  This is primary goal, as a roof must be maintained to prevent deterioration and damage to the building.  In addition, There is a zero insulation value over the gym area, this results in much costlier utility bills.
    Recent estimates for a complete roof replacement are  $26,500.

  • MAINTAIN/IMPROVE THE FACILITY - Adequately Insure, Repairs/Upgrades to Outdoor Restrooms, Repair Windows with Hail Damage, New Event Tables (5' round and 8' rectangle) & Chairs, Stage Curtain Repairs, Media Television for Rental Use, Painting the Rooms and Repairing Ceilings, Kitchen updates/repairs, Adding Lighting and power to the Pavillian area, Lighting the Ball Field, Update the Concession Stand,  are some ideas that have been presented.  Do you have any ideas?  We welcome your ideas!


           "Ensure the former school property remains an asset to the Dover               Community and to provide charitable, educational and community               development resources and activities for the community"

Goals of the Board -

September 23, 2018 -   GOOD NEWS - WE HAVE NOW  REACHED $40,000 IN OUR ENDOWMENT FUND!    As we move forward, we will continue to put half of our funds into this account to ensure the long term viability of the DCC, and half into our general fund for short term costs, and will hopefully fix our roof soon.   We appreciate the generosity and support of all our community, we can't do it without you!  As some of you may or may not know we rely entirely upon donations - There is no taxes or other funding supporting our Community Center.  Thank You!


1 (785) 256-6700

P.O. BOx 244, 5928 Douglas Road, Dover, KS, 66420